Personalized readings will help you better understand your current life's situation and give you insight on your journey and experience of life.

Does the tree know that it is in the forest?
Does a drop of water know that it is part of the ocean?
Does the human psyche know that it is a part of the universe?

The past is made up of the choices and deicsions we have made in our relationships with ourselves and others. In our minds, we wonder if the choices we made were beneficial in regards to where we want to go. Then we wonder, do we know where we want to go and do we know how to get there? In the end, it doesn't matter because every moment is impregnated with many possibilities. We are the dream and we are the dreamer. For there is no future, there is only here and now.

Mutima has been studying and reading the Tarot for more than  thirty years. He says he doesn't predict the future, "I help you explore what is happening in your life at the present moment. Life is a journey and through trials and tribulations, the fool becomes wise."

$50 for a thirty minute reading
$75 for a sixty minute reading