aja postA one-of-a kind performer who is so unique and original that you’ll never experience anything like him anywhere!

Mutima has been writing and performing his own songs and stories for more than 30 years.  Whether playing the kora, bamboo flutes, drums or other percussion instruments, his performances have been described as “healing” and “spiritual”… “transcending the barriers of race, gender, age and class”.

When asked about his music, he states: 
”The words are from my heart and the music is from my soul.  Each song that I have sung, each song that I have created over the years has found its place where the need and the fit converged in to one thought, one harmony and they are at peace.”

A self-taught master of the Kora, Mutima plucks the instrument’s 21 strings to produce a mesmerizing melody matched perfectly to his resonating baritone voice. The Kora is a string instrument originating in Senegal and is widely used by Jalis or griots.  As with the Jalis, Mutima is dedicated to serving as a musician, historian, storyteller, genealogist, entertainer, and oftentimes is singled out as an advisor and social counselor.

Committed to being a positive influence and role model for children and adults, Mutima has been sought after to perform in schools, colleges and universities as well as for noted educators and celebrities.  Mutima has played for chimpanzee researcher and primatologist Jane Goodall who commented that she loved Mutima’s inspirational music.

Mutima has performed numerous times for civil rights activist Stetson Kennedy who shares his own values of human rights, social justice, environmental stewardship, and the preservation and growth of folk culture.

Mutima’s multi-dimensional talents ensure an educational and entertaining performance. 

For performances, he can be reached at 904-859-8392 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..