There are people who come into this world with ordinary talents, and then there are people who are given an extraordinary talent like Mr. Ajamu Mutima.  Multi-dimensional and unique, Mutima is a self taught master of the Kora, a Poet, Master Storyteller, song writer, composer, drummer, flautist, percussionist, griot, and social counselor.

A native Floridian, he graduated first in his high school class and was recruited by the University of Florida to play college basketball.  As one of the first African Americans to attend UF, he was positioned to become a great lawyer. However, an insatiable hunger consumed him and he realized that the ancestors chose him to touch the lives of people in a very different way.

His skills as a poet, musician and storyteller are interwoven in a way that expresses a love of life while he addresses cultural and environmental issues.  For the several decades he has been creating original music using the voice, kora, thumb piano, flute, drum and other traditional African instruments.  His stories “Palm Tree” and “Healing Hands” have been told around the country by many other storytellers.

Mr. Mutima has performed at colleges, public and private schools, performing art centers, arts and medicine programs, libraries, museums, festivals and celebrations in various cultural settings.  He has also appeared on television and radio programs in Florida, Georgia and Toronto.

Whether listening to one of his CDs or attending a performance, you will get a glimpse of Mr. Mutima’s unique ability to marry rhythms with the words of his songs.  His rich baritone voice converges with the music and brings peace to your soul and allows you to float on each and every note. Mr. Mutima will leave you satisfied.  So, please sit back let the music take you to a place of peace and love.